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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Lab at Kathmandu University is established with the vision of promoting Research and Development (R&D) works in the field of underground construction. Operating under the Department of Civil Engineering, this lab facilitates student research along with other research activities in collaboration with national and international institutes and organizations.

With the country undergoing rapid development in the field of underground structures it has become necessary for detailed study for the optimum and safe design of the structures. With the limited study of the Himalayan geology and a lack of well-recorded field data, research in the sector is very limited. The mission and vision of the laboratory are to promote and establish field measurement which allows researchers and designers to access them for further research and construction.

KU Research Tunnel

We aim to promote R&D works in underground structures for sustainable development. 


Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering Lab mainly focuses on research works  along with design and analysis in the field of underground structures.


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ISRM standard testing and experimental facilities provided the laboratory.

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